Vet clinics often require veterinary relief services to maintain quality care for all of their four-legged patients. Our services help provide an experienced relief veterinarian to clinics all over the US, ensuring excellent care regardless of various circumstances. At VetIQ Staffing, we want to link traveling vets to clinics in need. Here is what you can expect when working with our veterinary relief services:

Avoid the Stress of Searching for Vets when Life Happens

VetIQ Staffing offers a high-quality staffing solution that allows clinics to care for patients while their doctors are out of the office. Our vets are experienced, each with at least two years of post-graduate experience ensuring their ability to work confidently in any clinic. VetIQ Staffing also provides clinics the opportunity to meet the vet beforehand to discuss compatibility because we know finding someone who is a good fit for your clinic is important.

Build Professional Relationships through Veterinary Relief Services

Veterinary relief services also allow clinics to build professional relationships within the animal health industry. If your clinic likes the relief vet provided through our service, you can schedule that vet to work at your clinic as often as you would like. This ultimately cuts down training time and builds your clinic’s network of available doctors. Further ensuring the quality of care for your patients by working with high-performing veterinarians that fit with your clinic.

VetIQ Staffing Reduces Administrative Duties so Clinics can Focus on Care

Another unique service VetIQ Staffing provides is the reduction of administrative duties. With the capacity to handle payroll, employee benefits and HR records, taking advantage of our services is as easy as it is useful. With 24/7 direct support from our team via live communication over the phone, we are able to assist you with any issues that might arise. Vet clinics can contact VetIQ Staffing at any time to discuss your needs, concerns or questions.

Finding experienced vets in a bind doesn’t have to be stressful! By utilizing VetIQ’s veterinary relief services, your clinic can focus on providing excellent care to every animal who walks through your doors.  Want to learn more about what to expect when searching for relief veterinarians with VetIQ Staffing? Check out our blog today!

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