At VetIQ Staffing, we believe in helping our relief veterinarians, vet clinics and ourselves move forward. Recently, we have taken a step forward ourselves with the launch of our new website! Here, we are hoping to better serve our community with updated resources, information and career tips. Here is everything you need to know about VetIQ Staffing’s new website launch:

Introducing More Resources for Continuing Education

When you work with VetIQ Staffing, our team will support you through every endeavor, both directly and on our new website. One of the major updates to our new website is the brand-new resources page. Here, you will find your personal guide to making the most of the relief veterinarian lifestyle through a series of articles aimed at answering your toughest questions.

Updated Resources for Our Traveling Vet Jobs

For our traveling veterinarians or anyone that wants to learn more about this opportunity, we have included a long list of helpful tips. On our updated travel vet page, you will find everything you need to know about becoming a traveling veterinarian with VetIQ Staffing. We have included a list of the requirements to practice veterinary medicine in all 50 states for your convenience.

Vet Onboarding Paperwork and Referral Forms

Two of the major updates on our new website are the inclusion of updated onboarding paperwork and referral forms. Now, you will be able to complete your onboarding paperwork directly from our website to ease the process of transitioning into your new lifestyle. You will also be able to quickly refer veterinarians and clinics for a chance to earn a referral bonus!

Every aspect of our new website has been designed around your convenience. Whether you want to learn more, access documents quickly or stay in contact with our team, there is a helpful section for you on our updated website. Want to learn more about everything our new website has to offer? Explore it for yourself to experience how simple working with us can be!