After years of schooling and working professionally, it’s inevitable that many veterinarians make friends in the industry. VetIQ Staffing knows how important it is for vets to support each other and motivate each other. We want to reward you and your friends with jobs you will love, flexibility in scheduling, and extra income!

Help A Friend Find the Job They Need and Deserve

VetIQ Staffing is committed to your wellbeing throughout your veterinarian career. Whether you have dreamt of being a relief vet or a traveling vet, we have vet jobs for everyone. Above all, we make sure to place you with veterinary clinics of your choice and provide you with the lifestyle you desire.

Give A Friend the Flexibility to Make Their Own Schedule

Do you have a friend who is overwhelmed and worn out? To us, you are more than a job title. For our vets and clinics, we relieve your stress by setting up interviews and handling all scheduling. We also provide shift flexibility and offer 24/7 direct support. We look after our vets so much that we offer a guaranteed salary when we can’t find the hours you need.

Earn Money from The VetIQ Staffing Referral Program

Everyone can benefit from VetIQ Staffing’s Referral Program! Not only do we want to provide our relief and travel vets with jobs, but we also want to support them throughout their veterinarian careers. When you refer a veterinarian or a clinic to VetIQ Staffing, we will gift you $1,200 after your referral works three shifts.

Whether your friend is seeking a full-time relief vet, traveling vet, or even a part time vet job, we can help them! We want to ensure that you and your friends can focus on the job that you love without all the stress. Take advantage of our referral program and flourish at VetIQ Staffing along with your friends. Contact us today to learn more.

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