Relief veterinarian examining dog

Making the change to become a relief veterinarian can be scary. People frequently believe that there’s no financial stability because you’re constantly searching for shifts to work. At VetIQ Staffing, we take away all of the relief shift fear by finding the work and shifts for you. And if we can’t provide the work opportunities for you, we’ll guarantee your salary! Find out more about these advantages and others of becoming a relief veterinarian with us. 

Scheduling Your Way 

Working as an in-house veterinarian can lead to burnout, as many vets don’t have the opportunity to take time off or enjoy life outside of the clinic. The demand of taking care of clients at all times may become overwhelming and monotonous without flexibility in scheduling. While working with VetIQ Staffing, you have the ability to let us know what days you want to work and how often you want to be in a clinic. This allows you to enjoy the freedom of scheduling your way so that you can enjoy life outside of the clinic, when you want and need it. 

Guaranteed Salaries Available 

Signing on to be a full-time or part-time veterinarian allows you to receive guaranteed salary benefits. Since March and the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve paid out over $15,000 in wages for shifts our veterinarians were unable to work due to the pandemic for our guaranteed salary veterinarians. Our guaranteed salary program provides guaranteed wages for shifts called off by clinics or other external factors, excluding you choosing not to work. Interested in signing up? Email to find out more today. 

There’s more to a career than just a schedule and a paycheck. By working with VetIQ Staffing, you also get these great additional benefits: 

  • Medical, dental, and vision options
  • 401k plans 
  • Stock investment options 
  • Stipend and flight reimbursements for travel vets 

For more information about becoming a relief veterinarian, contact us online, or email