Every company tells you that they are different from all their competitors. And while that may be true, sometimes those differences don’t truly make a positive impact on the customer or client. At VetIQ Staffing, our setup makes everything easier for both clinics needing to schedule relief veterinarians and relief veterinarians looking to fill their work schedules. Find out more about the VetIQ Staffing difference here in our blog. 

Scheduling Made Easy 

As a relief veterinarian working with VetIQ Staffing, you don’t have to worry about what your schedule looks like. Simply let our scheduling team know when you can and can’t work for the upcoming month. With that information, we’ll find shifts at clinics within your area and schedule you there. From there, you confirm your schedule and you’re all set for the month! This is the process for both part-time time and full-time relief veterinarians with us. If you choose to be an independent contractor, we’ll send you shifts when they’re available in your area. 

Peace of Mind for Clinics

We know that clinics may worry about hiring a relief veterinarian; trust us, we’ve heard the stories. That’s why we take extra precautions when hiring our relief veterinarians. After a thorough background check, license examination, and personal screening, our vets are then allowed to begin work in clinics. We know our relief vets personally and professionally so that our clinic partners don’t have to worry about who is working for them. Simply let us know when you need relief veterinarians scheduled, and we’ll do the rest of the work to schedule someone that best fits your clinic’s needs.

We’ve Got You Covered 

Whether you’re a veterinarian looking for a change of pace, or a clinic needing help with staffing, we’ve got you covered. Find out more about working with us by contacting recruiting@vetiqstaffing.com for relief vets, or clinics@vetiqstaffing.com for clinics and hospitals.