Supporting Veterinary Clinics
We offer a quick staffing solution that provides your clinic coverage when you need it.
From providing the relief that vets need to care for your patients, to reducing administrative duties, we are here to make your life easier.
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Benefits Of Partnering With Us
  • We take care of payroll and invoicing.
  • We provide our full-time veterinarians the option of full benefits (medical/ dental/vision, etc.).
  • We build our veterinarians’ schedules, so if you find a veterinarian that is a great fit for your clinic, we can provide continuous coverage for your needs.
  • We are nationwide - if coverage is canceled, we have the ability to find a replacement.
  • You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all questions or concerns.
We Bridge The Gap
We bridge the gap between Relief Veterinarians and clinics. When you become one of our clinic partners, we make sure that all your relief needs are taken care of.
Step 1:
One of our clinic partners reaches out to us about a shift they need covered.
Step 2:
Our staffing team speaks to the veterinarians we have in the area and makes sure that their skills and personality are a right fit for the clinic.
Step 3:
Our staffing team sends you a confirmation email with the name of the veterinarian who will be covering the shift and all their pertinent documents.
Step 4:
One of our veterinarians shows up to cover the shift.
VetIQ Staffing
We Organize Relief
We setup the interviews, handle the scheduling, and take care of the billing.
We Make It Easy
We provide full benefits for our vets, take care of payroll taxes, and keep HR records of our staff.
We Build Relationships
We can schedule the same relief veterinarian to work in your clinic on a regular basis.
VetIQ Staffing Is Here For You 24/7
Discover the VetIQ Staffing difference. Our team offers 24/7 direct support via live communication over the phone.
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