Frequently Asked Questions
Do you pay overtime?
Any shift that is longer than the allocated time is considered overtime and will be paid as such.
What does void mean and how would I void my Guaranteed Salary?
Voiding is when you are NOT paid for missing a shift. You will void your guaranteed salary if you request/block a day off and we are not able to fill your schedule for that week/month.
Example: You block 3 days off and work 4 days a week, but there are not enough needs to meet your 4-day commitment. You'll void your guaranteed salary for the shifts not worked that week.
Surgeries: Will I have to do them?
Only if you are comfortable doing them. We match each vet with the right clinics based on their skill set.
Can I work more shifts?
You are welcome to pick up additional shifts at any time if they are available.
VetIQ Staffing does not have a non-compete.
Am I “locked-in” to a binding contract?
You will sign a 12-month agreement with us upon being hired. If you decide you no longer want to work for VetIQ Staffing, we ask for a 30-day notice to finish out your remaining scheduled shifts.
How do I get paid?
You will be paid every Friday via direct deposit for the previous week’s work. Our work week runs from Sunday to Saturday.
Can I choose my shifts?
You will partner with your personalized staffing manager to build a schedule that fits your needs on a monthly basis.
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