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General Information

When and how can I contact VetIQ Staffing?

Our team is available day and night for 24/7 comprehensive support. Simply call us at 800-217-0166 to speak with one of our team members at any time regarding questions, concerns, or learning more about our services.

Where can I provide feedback about a clinic or relief veterinarian?

We would love to hear feedback regarding one of our veterinarians or clinics. Our goal is to make the VetIQ Staffing experience as pleasant as possible, and feedback from our members goes a long way towards making that happen. Simply call us at 800-217-0166 to speak with one of our team members at any time regarding one of our veterinarians or clinics.

Where can I leave a review for VetIQ Staffing?

We would like to thank you for taking the time to review VetIQ Staffing. No matter what your experience is with our services, we would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave your review on Facebook or Google My Business to ensure that your story is heard by our team.

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Veterinarian Information

What if I can't find enough work with VetIQStaffing?

Our Guaranteed Salary Program ensures that our full-time veterinarians are protected if we can’t find enough work to meet their commitment. If there is only one shift available for the week but your weekly commitment is four shifts, you will be compensated for the three shifts that you didn’t work. Even if a clinic sends you home early, you will be compensated for the full day.

What if a clinic doesn't pay me for my work?

VetIQ Staffing is unique because our veterinarians’ pay schedule isn’t based on what we receive from the clinic. If you work a shift, we guarantee that you will be paid on time, regardless of when we receive payment. Even if a clinic shuts down or refuses payment, you are paid via direct deposit from VetIQ Staffing every week, so there’s no need to worry about delayed paychecks.

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What if I can’t work a shift on my schedule?

We understand that our relief veterinarians have lives outside of work. Whether you need the time for your family or your personal activities, we want to help you experience life in a fulfilling way while making a stable income. Please let us know as soon as possible about scheduling conflicts. We will do our best to find someone to fill-in for you so you don’t have to miss those special life events.

Clinic Information

What is VetIQ Staffing’s cancellation policy for clinics?

VetIQ Staffing offers a 14-day cancellation policy for our clinics. If something changes with your staffing needs more than 14-days before you’ve scheduled one of our veterinarians, please let us know so we can adjust your relief schedule. Since our veterinarians rely on our services to make a living, we cannot accept cancellations within 14-days of your scheduled appointment.