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We believe that every lifestyle deserves to be lived to the fullest. Whether you’re looking to supplement your schedule or make a full-time change, we’re here to support you with a guaranteed salary, flexible shifts and more freedom to live the life you deserve.

We Make Things Easier

We set-up your interviews, handle all of your scheduling and take care of the billing.

We Support You

You qualify for our industry-best benefits program with full medical, dental, vision, CE reimbursement, 401k and stock options.

We Promote Lifestyles

We provide shift flexibility to help you sustain your ideal lifestyle and work/life balance.

We Are Listening

We offer 24/7 direct support from our team via live communication over the phone.


Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Whether you are new to the relief staffing lifestyle or an experienced relief veterinarian, every step of our process is designed to make your life easier. Simply contact our team to find your one-on-one guide to making the most out of every opportunity at VetIQ Staffing.

You set your own availability to work a designated number of hours/shifts per week.

We provide you with a guaranteed salary and work assignments that fit your needs.

You get paid even if we cannot provide you with enough work to meet your commitment.

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One More Benefit of Friendship

Earn up to $1,200 for every veterinarian or clinic you refer to VetIQ Staffing!


Committed to Your Well-Being

“I absolutely loved working with VetIQ Staffing. They really did care about providing the best possible work life balance…”

Dr. Kristin T.
Former Full Time GS, DVM Arizona

"I worked with VetIQ Staffing from June of 2018 to September of 2019. I absolutely loved working with VetIQ Staffing. They really did care about providing the best possible work life balance. If I had a family emergency or if I wasn’t feeling well, there was never any questioning, they were very willing to work with me and give me the time needed to address my personal life. They also made the effort to try to group working days together as much possible thus giving days off in a row, which really helps for mental well-being as well as being able to schedule fun activities without necessarily needing to even request time off. If there is ever an issue with a clinic, they have you working at, they are very willing to hear out your concerns and bring them up to the clinic to try to work things out. Overall, they were a wonderful company to work for and the only reason I left was to pursue an area of veterinary medicine that I have always been interested in and thus further my career with board-certification. If I were to ever go back to clinical medicine, I would not hesitate to work with them again. They are fantastic."


Dr. Kristin T. – Former Full Time GS DVM Arizona